Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One-Button Cardigan

My two-year-old granddaughter and daughter-in-law are here visiting in the States for a few weeks, so I took advantage of their time here to save on the shipping costs to Switzerland and knit up her Christmas sweater now. I chose the beginner pattern One-Button Cardigan, available for free on Ravelry. For easy care, I used Bouquet Softee 100% acrylic yarn, from a destash gift from one of my sisters. It's the largest size, size 3, and knit up in entirely one piece in garter stitch. The sleeves and side seams involved multiple attempts, but thanks to the DomiKnitrix garter seaming video, I ended up with decent finishing. I decided to throw in three wide white stripes on the bottom of the sweater, and created a peppermint candy-looking button using single crochet in the round. I wanted something that looked both sporty and Christmasy, but not entirely restricted to holiday wear. The cardigan was much too big for her, as an 18 mos. is perfect on her still. I noticed after she tried it on that one side is a tad longer than the other, attributed to one extra row of garter on that side. I hate those mistakes that are not seen until you are finished (or close to it).

I tried on the cardigan and it made for a really cute cropped cardi, so I am definitely knitting up another for myself, same size, but with a few extra stitches for the sleeve widths.

In other knitting news, I swatched and cast on the Joukahainen pullover sweater that I am making for the hubster. I am using Knit Picks Wool of the Andes yarn in the Winter Night colorway. It's that perfect shade of blue I love on him. I am knitting this up on size 4 US needles, having started out with size 7 US and not getting gauge. This will be my first sweater done in stockinette stitch, the previous ones in all garter.

Also on my needles: the Wisp lace scarf, the second Kalajoki sock, and the remaining sleeve on the Cowl and Howl sweater.

As for sewing, I took to my machine to run some practice stitches and hit a malfunction. The LED showed an error code, E6. The manual said to remove tangled threads, but upon inspection, there were none to remove. I'm going to have my mechanically-inclined DH check it out for me, and if he can't sort it out, it's off to the repair shop with it. In the meantime, I am (still) shopping fabrics for both quilting and clothing. I'm really interested in making this skirt from Donna Karan and Vogue.

Isn't that a hot skirt? I love it and hopefully will have one of my own. Soon.

I'm looking forward to attending the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival in Jefferson this weekend. It's not a guaranteed go since there are a few other engagements this weekend, but I'd really rather be there. Keeping fingers crossed!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bitten by the Yarn Bug

A friend recently told me it was bound to happen. But resistance was futile, so yes, a complete and utter indulgence into knitting with a side of crochet is responsible for the cobwebs growing over my sewing table and machine.

Not that my love for sewing has diminished. It has, however, taken a new direction. Lately I have been thinking about quilting. Just thinking at this point, with minor planning. I have two designs in mind for wall hangings for my home and have been playing around with color schemes. In addition to that, I have been DVRing and watching a few quilting shows for techniques. As for sewing garments, I have two new patterns I am itching to get fabrics for, but more on that in an upcoming post. In the meantime, it's back to work with the yarn on my knitting needles-- three pairs of socks, one sweater and one lace swatch.