Thursday, January 29, 2009


Last weekend I went in to the main Vogue Fabrics store in Evanston, IL, and can I just say WOW!??!?? It was too much. The place was huge, and the fabrics---Lordy, the fabrics, from $1/yard cheapy stuff to $30+ high end fabrics like gorgeous silks and sweater knits....and that $4/pound designer sample scrap bin that has 2-4 yards each of high-end, high quality fabric...mercy, me! They have a separate section for home decor that was amazing. I just stood there and redecorated my house in my mind.

All the workers I encountered there were super friendly and helpful and are eager to demonstrate things for you. I saw a young woman come in with a half sewn garment and her pattern and asked for help. The worker took her over to a table and they went over her problem. That was impressive.

There was a room where classes were being held. I peeped in on them. There were about 10 students and maybe 2 teachers. Everyone looked happy yet serious, like they were really into their work. If Evanston weren't so far away from me, I would definitely sign up for the classes there.

It took a will ten times bigger than my countenance to be able to walk out of there without any fabric. I did buy a few notions. When I have some serious extra cash I will go back and stash up. It was very inspiring to look at and touch a piece of fabric and imagine a garment for myself. Even the buttons were inspiring! I wished I had taken a sketchpad and gotten swatches. I will definitely do this when I go back.

My next fabric store trip is to a place called the "Fabric "Dump" by a few friends. It's a huge warehouse type place in Chicago on 21st and Damen--if anybody knows that place, do share. I have heard the place is a serious dust bomb, the staff are unfriendly and the fabrics are very disorganized. We shall see soon.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Vogue Fabrics - one of the top ten fabric stores of the world! *LOL* Seriously though it is wonderful that you have a fabric store that while not local is near enough for you to go and touch the good stuff!

Jackie said...

Hi, I just found your blog. I don't know where you are in the city but there is a Vogue on Roosevelt Road, east right off of I-94 and if you are way south, there is one on Torrence in Lansing just north of 80/94. Home Depot is across the street and I think Chili's also. That other store you mentioned, I've gone there only once. (Actually twice, but they were closed the first time. They have wierd hours, so check before you go) There's a LOT of fabric! There is fabric on the main floor and then upstairs LOTS and downstairs MORE! From what I remember there is some other stuff down there too, maybe notions, but there was no order about it. I would not take small children there. It's not like a Joann's where you can let them ride in a cart. Haven't felt a need to go back there but it may be worth it just to see for yourself.