Sunday, March 8, 2009

O Tilda!

If I had to pick a favorite androgynous, alien-like, fashion-forward actress, it would be the Oscar-winning Tilda Swinton.

I absolutely loved her costuming in the movies Constantine, Chronicles of Narnia and Orlando. I wonder if when she reads scripts for projects, does costuming play a role in whether or not she'll accept the part? (I wonder the same about my other fave fashionable actress Diane Keaton). I am never unimpressed with Swinton's acting, but I'll admit I enjoy watching her costumes just as much--or more! And what she wears off camera is absolutely amazing (she wears lots of drapey Lanvin gowns)--and that has been interpreted in both positive and negative sentiment by the fashion press. Bah! Who cares if she lands in the "What Was She Thinking?" Tilda wears clothes that obviously please her and feel good to her, while other actresses are obsessed with being on best-dressed lists. Petty, but I understand.

And who better than the gamine, strikingly other-worldly Swinton to be the muse for AnOther Magazine's Futuristic Fashion spread?

Click on the link above for more futuristic silhouettes worn by Swinton, shot by fashion photographer du jour Craig McDean.

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Hey, the sewing expo was really great. This was my second year going, sure hope I can make it next year too.